Keopatra Organic Spa & Salon is committed to providing a toxin-free choice for skin and hair care services. Our mission is to share with our client’s new ways to incorporate healthier choices into their lives – because what you put on your hair and skin is just as important as what you put into your mouth.

Keopatra Organic Spa & Salon eco-friendly environment stands alone in  North Richland Hills and provides an alternative for those with chemical sensitivities, as well as for those who are making the conscious choice to use organic products and services.

We believe in supporting your path to wellness while helping to protect the environmental health of our planet. In addition to the organic services offered at Keopatra Organic Spa & Salon, we carry a complete line of organic hair and skin care products for home use.

We provide customized treatments and services, using a combination of organic products, the latest scientific techniques and ancient healing arts.


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