Thai Table Massage.....$70.00
An ancient art of body therapy for ealth, healing, and
transformation. Thai Massage is an interactive
manipulation of the body using gentle pressure and
passive stretching along the energy lines. (60 min.)
Thai aromatic Massage.....$75.00

Thai Aromatic Oil massage is a relaxing massage

alternating soft movements, focused pressures to tensed

muscles and slight percussions to release you from stress

and anxiety, to enable relaxation. Essential oils and

selected scents provide an overwhelming

well being. (60 min.)


Keopatra Thai Herbal & Oil Massage.....$95.00

Inspired by ancient Thai Massage modalities, this treatment begins with warm oil drizzled over the area to be massaged, then warm herbal poultices are used to deepen the massage along energy pathway, pressure points, and lymphatic drainage areas to create a truly exotic experience. (80min.)

Thai Foot massage

Thai foot massage is a therapy that provides you ultimate relaxation via application of structured or unstructured pressure, tension or vibration. The therapy offers a lot of benefits to feet. It can relieve you of many tensions and make you feel rejuvenated. It helps relaxing the tense muscles in your feet, thereby providing you a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Thai Foot massage................$30 (25min.)

Begin with an aroma essence and  green tea soak while sipping a glass of hot or ice green tea. Then a 20 minutes Thai foot massage.

Thai Luxury Foot Ritual.............$55.00 (50min)

Relax your feet in a rose green tea footbath with a beautiful jasmin or lavender essential oil while enjoying a glass of wine. A dead sea salt scrub, green tea detox mask is applied then a theraputic Thai foot massage will take your feet on heavenly journey.

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